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Chimney Caps

Rain and other precipitation is prevented from entering your chimney if you have a chimney cap.  Rain flowing down the chimney can get inside the house or attic and cause damage in your ceiling and walls inside the home. 
One important reason to have a chimney cap installed is to prevent animals and debris from going inside your chimney. Animals such as squirrels, raccoons, and snakes are known to climb into chimneys; and they typically aren’t able get out by themselves.  The animals often get trapped and die in the chimney, leaving you with a smelly carcass in your home. Birds often build nests over open chimneys because they are drawn to the warmth the chimney provides.  

Seasonally you will see birds called chimney swifts, and they are a protected species.  If a chimney swift builds a nest on the inside of your chimney, you’ll have to put up with the chirping and noises until the birds are mature enough to move on from your chimney. 

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If debris or animal nests are clogging your flue, you could experience drafting problems and chimney fires. There are times when smoke and toxic gases are not able to exit out of your home from the chimney due to a debris or nest blocking it. In this case  you may experience smoke and soot damage, or even carbon monoxide poisoning. Make the decision to have a chimney cap installed and eliminate the possibility of something falling or crawling into your flue and making a home.  Chimney caps come in a number of different styles, materials, and colors. Which one should you choose? Copper and stainless steel are the most commonly used since they are the most durable and give the best performance. Another thing to consider is if you have a multi-flue chimney. One large custom-made chimney cap can be made to accommodate the actual size of your chimney. These styles of caps are very functional and help to protect the cement splay at the top of the chimney. You will see there is also a return hem that covers over the edge of the bricks on the brick top- another layer of protection! Call us today to discuss which type of chimney cap is best for your needs!

OLD RUSTY Galvanized

Chase Cap?

Firetec - Fireplace Service and Chimney Sweep in Butler PA
Firetec - Fireplace Service and Chimney Sweep in Butler PA

new Stainless Steel chase Cap!



A chase cover is a chimney topper that is provided for pre-fabricated fireplaces that have wood-framed chimney structure. Often times when a house is being built the chase cover is made from galvanized metal which rusts and breaks down over time. chase covers seal off chase structure, preventing moisture from getting in your chimney system and causing thousands of dollars of expensive repairs. We offer custom made to size replacements in rust free Stainless steel or copper. Contact us to discuss your project!

Firetec - Fireplace Service and Chimney Sweep in Butler PA

Draft Issues, Animal Problems, Moisture?

We offer various types of chimney and chase covers

in a variety of metals including:

stainless steel, galvanized, and copper

to accommodate all flue and chimney sizes.

Custom Rust-Free Stainless Steel

Chimney Cover



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