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FireTec Installation Services

Finding the right fireplace and flame to sit and enjoy every evening is exciting and can add great value to your home. However the process can be overwhelming. From our very first conversation and choosing what fireplace or insert you would like to use, to your yearly maintenance appointments, our experts will walk with you every step-of-the-way to make sure your family is safe and you get the exact product you want.

Fireplace Installation

Some families enjoy doing DIY projects together. However, installing your own gas insert or fireplace might not be the best idea. Gas leaks and incorrect masonry installation can cause serious problems including injury or even death as well as additional repairs and expenses in your future. 

Rest assured, our CSIA and NFI certified technicians know exactly what they are doing so your fireplace installation is done correctly and safely the first time. Planning and installing fireplaces and stoves, as well as their venting systems, requires experience, technical knowledge and skill. Many considerations such as proper floor protection, appropriate appliance size, placement, venting system compatibility and height-should always be made with the expertise of a specialist.

Wood And Gas Insert Installation

Are you looking to convert your old drafty fireplace into a beautiful heat source for your home? A high efficiency gas or wood burning insert is the perfect solution! 


We not only service and install what we sell, but we also provide the same level of expert services for fireplaces that you have purchased elsewhere. We will collaborate with you to find the perfect fit for your home.

Wood And Gas Fireplace Installation

There is a lot to consider when you make the decision to add a fireplace to your home.

Many people find gas fireplaces most appealing and for good reason! Gas fireplaces offer ease of use, such as turning on the fire with the touch of a button. Many models are high efficiency resulting in cost savings during those cold winter months on your heating bills. 


High efficiency wood burning fireplaces are also a great addition to any home. Obviously, there is more work involved when you’re burning real wood, but if you're up for the challenge it's a great way to supplement your heat and save money on your utility bills! 


We will guide you every step of the way so that the end result is the fireplace of your dreams! 


Ready to start your fireplace installation? 

Chimney Liner Installation

Many people ask if a chimney liner is really needed, but we find it essential. 


Unlined masonry chimneys result in deterioration from the inside out causing costly chimney repairs. Because the liner goes between your chimney and the internal structure of your home, it is another way to protect your home from poisonous gases and fires. 


We install stainless steel flue liners in many sizes to accommodate any appliance. Whether you have a furnace, hot water tank, wood stove or insert, we have you covered!


Contact us today to speak to an expert about why a chimney liner is necessary.

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