Chimney Sweeping

Is your chimney safe?

Whether you're buying or selling a house, have questions about the integrity and condition,

a fireplace inspection is always the right decision.

The National Fire Protection Agency recommends your chimney system be serviced annually. FireTec, LLC is proudly certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

Creosote is a highly combustible biproduct of burning wood. It is created by an incomplete combustion of your wood fuel, when the fuel gasses start to cool down they condense on the sides of your flue and create a buildup.

As little as 1/8"of soot or any "glaze" creosote is enough to cause a chimney fire.

Firetec - Fireplace Service and Chimney Sweep in Butler PA

At FireTec, we use the latest equipment and technology.

We offer three levels of inspections.

All chimney cleanings include a Level I Inspection.

The Level II inspection gives you peace of mind

regarding the safety of your chimney and fireplace opening.

Don’t trust the opinion of your general contractor or home inspector, that may be skilled in other areas,

but don’t have appropriate training on your chimney system.

This often leads to an inaccurate assessment

of the condition of the system which can be very dangerous.

Choose to have your chimney properly inspected by a CSIA certified sweep!

Contact us today to schedule your Inspection & Cleaning!