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Wood and Gas Fireplace Inspections

Properly Maintained chimneys don’t catch on fire. That may seem simple, but how do you know if your fireplace and chimney is code compliant?

Why Should I Get An Inspection?

Because early chimney fires often go undetected, many people don’t even realize that one has occurred until something more serious happens. By the time you ‘notice’ the signs of a fire, you have expensive repairs and possible health problems for your family. 


That is why we recommend getting a yearly chimney inspection, especially if you consistently use your wood or gas fireplace. Choosing a certified chimney inspector means you can rest assured you will get the best recommendations for how to keep your home safe.

FireTec Levels Of Fireplace Inspections

Each of our fireplace inspection levels serves a different purpose. Make sure you schedule the inspection that is right for your family and situation.


Level 1


As a general rule, our experts perform a level 1 inspection as a minimum maintenance for repeat customers. We recommend this level of inspection if your fireplace or system has not changed over one year while you used it. 


During a level 1 inspection you can expect our technician to examine  the basic soundness of the chimney structure and flue as well as the basic appliance installation and connections. The technician will verify the chimney is free of obstruction and combustible deposits and inspect the immediate area around the fireplace for proper clearances to combustibles. 


Level 2


Our most common service, the Level 2 inspection, includes everything in the Level 1 inspection plus a more thorough inspection of the flue lining, hearth area, and any interior areas of the home. 


It also includes an inspection of  the chimney exterior and interior including attics, crawl spaces and basements (if applicable). It will address proper clearances from combustibles in accessible locations. Our team commonly uses video equipment to review and examine your chimney


We recommend a Level 2 inspection anytime you experience a change in your fireplace system including:


  • Changing home ownership. 

  • Changing your fireplace fuel type.

  • Inclement weather that could impact the chimney or masonry.

  • Malfunctions or changes in the visual appearance of any aspect of your fireplace or chimney.

  • More usage than previous years.


At the time of your inspection, our technicians will advise you if your chimney needs to be swept. If so, this is typically done at the same appointment. 

In most cases our experts sweep from the bottom of the opening to the top by attaching flexible rods onto the end of a power drill with specified chimney brushes. This gives the most thorough cleaning and is not something many chimney companies offer. Our professionals prefer this method as sweeping from the rooftop down packs the creosote down in the damper area, resulting in dangerous build-up. 


Level 3


While not common, our Level 3 inspection is for those who have experienced a fire or had severe structural damage to the fireplace or chimney. It includes everything in the previous inspection levels plus is more invasive, removing certain components or walls if necessary.

Professional Fireplace Inspections Near Me

Our expert technicians are available all year and will keep your home clean during the inspection process. You can expect our team to use tarps, cover our feet, and use proper equipment to collect any debris so that your house stays safe and clean. 


Take the guesswork and stress out of your fireplace inspection by finding CSIA and NFI certified professionals.

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