Dryer Vent Cleaning

Need Your Dryer Vent Cleaned?

Many home owners think cleaning the lint trap in their dryer is enough to protect them,

but the fact of the matter is, that simply isn't enough.

Every load of laundry deposits debris, lint, and hair into the entire vent system.


Dryer vent systems aren't easily accessible,

and require professional cleaning. ​

For the safety of your family, make it a priority every year. 













When you make the decision to have our dryer vent cleaned you will find the same level of service you find with our chimney cleanings! We will loosen the buildup using specialized brushes that are tough on lint and not on vents. All loosened debris is ingested by our high-powered vacuums for a mess free cleaning. 

Whatever the length of the dryer vent we can get every nook and cranny free of debris!

We also check for damage and obstructions.

Contact us today to schedule your Vent Cleaning!







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