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We provide routine maintenance and repairs

on most makes and models of gas fireplaces and log sets.

If we can obtain parts for your fireplace, we can fix it!

We are certified by the National Fireplace Institute.

We are trained in all aspects of service including millivolt and electronic ignition systems, venting, and gas line sizing requirements.



Helpful Tips

When scheduling your annual cleaning, chimney sweep, or dryer vent cleaning, keep in mind the fall and winter months are much busier. To guarantee a prompt appointment we recommend scheduling these annual appointments in the spring and summer months. 

To prepare for your service appointment, please remove any fragile items from around the area where we will be working. 

We ask that you do not use your chimney, fireplace, or dryer 24 hours prior to your appointment, this gives the appliance ample time to cool down before our arrival. 

For all of your chimney, fireplace, and dryer needs SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY!

Fogged Glass?

Delayed Ignition?

Trouble Lighting?

Soot Problems?

Gas Leaks?

Flame Going Out?

Faulty Remotes?

A Noisy Blower?

Gas Fireplace Annual Maintenance

Get ready for another annual maintenance before the cold hits!

Any home heating appliance needs a certain amounts of routine maintenance to continue at optimum levels and a gas fireplace is no different. 

Every fireplace or insert should be cleaned annually. This is due to the hard work a fireplace puts in with each use, when it is heating your home. 

We will perform a 10-15 point inspection,

depending on what type of appliance you have and what features it has. 

Below are several areas that are checked:

• Burners - Looking for Deterioration / Blockage

• Proper Pilot Size / Production

• Ignition - Adjust / Clean

• System Wiring 

• Venting - Integrity / Blockage (depending on accessibility)

• Glass - Cleaning (using a special compound to remove build-up)

• Gas Pressure

• Air Shutter and Restrictors

• Flame Recognition Rod

• Thermocouple / Thermopile - Millivolt Production

FireTec LLC providing clean, courteous fireplace service.
FireTec LLC providing clean, couteous fireplace service
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