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2021 Fireplace Trends

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Installing a fireplace does more than produce heat. It adds value to the house and transforms the environment of the entire room.

From Contemporary to Victorian and Traditional to Modern, every individual’s taste is complemented by different styles of fireplaces. Here are a few inspiring fireplace trends that may strike your fancy!

As you scroll through these popular fireplaces, imagine being in your own home, taking a sip of your favorite warm beverage, and feeling the cozy warmth of each fireplace!

The Modern Style

A frameless design that provides a sleek, simple flair.

This style typically burns gas instead of firewood. This is not only less work but is also a cost-effective way to warm your home!

If you’re looking for a minimalist, homey atmosphere, a modern fireplace is the way to go.

The Multi-sided View

This dramatic style allows people to enjoy its’ ambiance from anywhere in a room!

Multisided fireplaces are a wonderful way to divide two rooms and they work well with a variety of decorating styles.

A perfect option for someone desiring a unique source of pizazz in their home.

The White Farmhouse Design

A stylish fireplace that shows up in several fashions. White structure, wooden mantel, and gray stone can all be defined as a white farmhouse.

Overall, this is a stunning design that complements rustic décor by adding a quaint charm that never goes out of style.

The Arched Masterpiece

This fireplace style is an eye-catching, elegant design that can be inserted into a smaller space than the average fireplace.

It is a powerful source of heat that offers a wonderful, cozy ambiance.

Want a showstopping centerpiece? An arched fireplace will do the trick!

The Classic Brick

Another trending fireplace is a classic. Brick!

This traditional style can appear with several different looks! Grey, black, red, and more, all able to fit a variety of tastes.

A brick fireplace has the ability to take coziness to the next level in a home.

The Stone Fireplace

Marble, river rock, and limestone. Oh my!

There is a large selection of stone that can be used to finish a fireplace.

Regardless of the type, a stone fireplace adds an attractive, one-of-a-kind texture and delight.

Outdoor Living

A luxurious style perfect for entertaining.

This stunning design allows owners to comfortably entertain guests using their outdoor space throughout the year.

Incorporating an outdoor fireplace provides a gorgeous place to host and extra usable square footage to entertain!

Discover Your Fireplace Style

A fireplace is unlike any other addition to your home. It is effective and takes an area from ordinary to breathtaking.

View how a fireplace transformation can effectively alter the atmosphere of an area.

Have you found any of these fireplace trends enchanting? If so, we can help you with the next step!

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